Adventure on the Uinta

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utah fly fishing, fly fishing, uinta river, orvis Spencer fishing skinny water[/caption] I had the opportunity to fish a stretch of river that rarely sees anglers. Fellow guide and all around good dude, Bryan Eldredge and I decided to try a stretch of the Uinta River that was new to us. It required a little bit of hiking and bush whacking. After about a 30 minute adventure to the river we finally stumbled upon a side channel of the Uinta that was loaded with brook trout. We fished big dries with little success. Not because the fish weren’t crushing the flies but because the flies were too big for the fish to eat. The largest fish we caught in the skinny water was about 9 inches. Not big fish but very pretty and very wild. [caption id="attachment_2912" align="aligncenter" width="614"]H1130023 Bryan with a beautiful brook trout[/caption] We then made our way to the main channel which opened up and had deeper runs and great riffles. It also had some nice pocket water where we could high stick and dap. We knew that this river had some nicer fish the higher up we went. We fished every inch of water looking for these nicer fish. We ended up catching rainbows, browns, brookies and cutthroats. We both had grand slams within an hour into fishing but no fish that broke the 12 inch mark. [caption id="attachment_2916" align="aligncenter" width="614"]IMGP2325 2 Brown trout[/caption] We continued upstream and came to a nice wide open stretch of river. I made one cast upstream with my dry-dropper and my dry disappeared. I set the hook and the brown immediately bolted downstream. Bryan threw his rod to the ground and grabbed the net. The fish used the current to get me into my backing and ran 100 yds downstream heading towards a log jam. I tried putting the breaks on him but not wanting my 5x tippet to snap I let him slowly take line out while we followed him. Finally after a few minutes I was able to coax him to the slower water near the bank where Bryan was ably to scoop him up. I always enjoy fishing a new piece of water mainly because you don’t really know what to expect. I always jump at the chance to fish a new piece of water whether it’s just a new stretch of a familiar river or if it’s a completely new one. [flagallery gid=49]]]>

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