Avoiding the Crowds

By December 8, 2014 No Comments

imageRecently I went fishing with fellow guide, Bryan Eldredge. Originally we had planned on fishing for a few hours nearby. We both hadn’t fished in quite some time so we just needed to get out. It was around Thanksgiving so we weren’t sure if the river was going to be crawling with anglers. As we approached the area we wanted to fish we saw 7 cars in the parking area. Bryan suggested we driver a little further up the canyon to another spot. Again, we were greeted by a parking lot full of cars. A little frustrated we decided to drive to a whole different section 12 miles away. Same result. Lots of cars. image_2I looked at Bryan and suggested we drive to a completely different river to avoid the crowds. The river was another 70 miles away. We agreed to keep driving and get away from the crowds. To us it was worth the driver for the chance to fish a river with little to know pressure even if we didn’t catch a fish. We gassed up, stocked up on snacks and diet coke then headed out of town. We arrived to the river and didn’t see another car anywhere. Bryan had been here a few days before and knew where all the fish were. We rigged up and made it to the river. I began fishing a stretch that usually produces a few fish. Bryan said he knew where the fish were but I was determined to get a fish in this section. Nothing. He waved me on and I had to stop and try the next likely spot. Bryan shook his head and said the fish were upstream. I thought for sure I was going to get a nice brown from this run. Nothing. I finally threw my hands in the air and said “fine, let’s head up to where the fish are.” After image_1crawling over a couple fences we finally made it to a nice little riffle. Bryan made a couple casts before hooking into a beautiful dark brown with amazing spots. It was pretty cool that Bryan knew exactly where to go and what section of the riffle to fish. It was like clock work. I then hooked into my first fish. We ended up having a great day on an uncrowded river hooking a dozen healthy browns. What started out as a three hour fishing trip ended up being an all day excursion but it was well worth it.]]>