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The rivers in eastern Utah are flowing about perfect right now and the insects are hatching. The combination of these two factors make the next few weeks some of the best river fishing of the year in eastern Utah. Fly fishing in Utah any time of the year is great, but the next few weeks will be some of the best dry fly fishing of the year. In this blog we will share some of the best summer hatches in Utah that will be coming off the next few weeks and our favorite patterns to imitate these hatches. 

Green Drakes hatch in late June and early July in eastern Utah. They are hatching right now on a couple of rivers around Falcon’s Ledge. The trout key in on these big mayflies and they are a great hatch the end of June. A parachute green drake or a PMX in size 14 is a great imitation for fishing this hatch. Trout will actively feed on green drakes during this hatch and it is one of our favorite hatches at the end of June.

Pale morning duns hatch in the mornings during much of July in eastern Utah. Trout will actively feed on these mayflies during the morning and PMD hatches can produce some great fishing many mornings during the month of July. A parachute PMD or sparkle dun in size 16 and 18 are two of the best patterns to use when fish are rising on PMDs during the morning hours in July.

Caddis hatch in the evenings during much of July and August on many of the rivers around Falcon’s Ledge. Trout feed on caddis much of July and August and they are a staple of a trout’s diet during these two months. In the late afternoon and early evening a klinkhammer is a great pattern to represent an emerging caddis. Cast a klinkhammer to rising fish and you will catch a lot of fish. In the evening when caddis are hatching an elk hair caddis or goddard caddis in size 16 is a great pattern for imitating adult caddis in July and August.

In late July yellow sallies hatch off several rivers in eastern Utah including the Green River. The small stoneflies are a treat for trout and the trout feed heavily on them the last two weeks of July. A yellow sally or yellow bodied stimulator in size 14 or 16 are great patterns for imitating yellow sallies on the rivers of Utah. 

We hope to see you soon at Falcon’s Ledge for some summer dry fly fishing in Utah!



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