Beginner Fun

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One of the best things about being a guide is teaching beginners. I would say probably half of our guests at Falcon’s Ledge are beginners. Each person new to fly fishing presents unique challenges and areas in need of development. As a guide, the job is to assess the situation, determine the solution and present that solution in a creative way that the student will understand. And that is both challenging and rewarding. image When I decided to get serious about fly fishing back in my early 20s, I chose the hard way. I first started looking for magazine articles on fly fishing. I recall one of the first articles I read was about mending the line. I had no idea what mending was. So I turned the handle around on my Eagle Claw pack rod, making it a fly rod, attached my dad’s old fly reel, and headed for the river. I observed other fly fishers on the Provo river and asked a few questions, but those first couple trips were frustrating to say the least. image   Now when I teach beginning fly fishing classes and guide beginners, I tell them that they are about to learn information that took me years to discover. My students usually absorb most of the large quantity of information I give them. And the progress they make in just one day is amazing. Such was the case with some beginners last week at Falcon’s Ledge. image We had a great group of guys come to Falcon’s Ledge for a two-day work retreat. More than half of these guests were beginners. In fact, one guy had never caught a fish and he told me how disappointed he was as a youngster in scouting when he couldn’t get the fish to bite. So the challenge was on and the rewards were great. Not only did everyone catch fish, but some of the fish were 20 inches long! This group went home very happy and they are already planning their next visit this fall. image Falcon’s Ledge and the still waters there are a great place to teach beginners. We do classroom training inside the lodge, give casting instruction on the back lawn, and use the still waters for casting, setting the hook, and playing, netting, and handling fish. Our still waters have a variety of fish in many sizes, and because it is private property, a license is not required. We catch and release at Falcons Ledge so the fish will grow and we can catch them again. The peaceful atmosphere, delicious meals, friendly staff, and beautiful scenery make Falcon’s Ledge the perfect place to learn to fly fish. Come see us soon! Written by: Jeff Lindstrom Photos by: Jeff Lindstrom]]>

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