Brook Trout and Mountain Streams

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IMG_1910 These free-flowing mountain streams get very little fishing pressure and the wild trout eagerly take dry flies that are presented to them.  Most of them have never been caught before and fight hard, running up and down the stream and diving toward undercut banks.  The beautiful, wild trout are unmatched in beauty and will have you in awe as you admire the patterns and colors. IMG_1908 Take a moment before you release a beautiful, wild brook trout and inspect the colors and the patterns they contain on their bodies and their fins.  They are truly one of natures great works of art. IMG_1994 As you fish in this beautiful part of eastern Utah don’t forget to look up and take in the surroundings.  There is diverse geology, high mountain peaks, and lots and lots of wildlife.  If you take a moment to look around and enjoy the beauty of this area you not only will see some of the most beautiful fish you have ever seen, but also some of the most spectacular scenery. IMG_1870 We hope to see you sometime soon in eastern Utah on a mountain stream with a bent fly rod, and  a wild brook trout at the end of your line.]]>