Brown Trout Days

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 Image - Aug 5, 2013 11.58.01

There comes a time during the summer at Falcon’s Ledge when the energy around the lodge increases, the staff are at the top of their game, and the guides are vying for a chance to guide…..Hutch Hutchinson and Mike Clough have arrived.  So it was off to our most prestigious waters, and I was excited to have guests that knew fly fishing inside and out.  But I had to remember to keep my instructional pointers to a minimum, especially since Hutch is a Federation of Fly Fishers certified casting instructor.   The casts were like clock work and soon big browns were tugging hard.  Image - Aug 4, 2013 11.41.18 Deciding on which fish to land first was a nice problem to have, since “doubles” were frequent.  But what impressed me most was the classy consideration each had for the other angler.  Both of my guests kept telling me to make sure the other was having success.  After one caught a fish, he paused to make sure the other knew what fly worked and even offered to give up his stretch of water.  I guess I should have known this behavior is typical of the Orvis family.  The day flew by and I felt like more of a spectator than a guide.  And even though I was asked what fly to use and how to fish it, I was the one who learned most about the sport we love, fly fishing. Check out the gallery below for more pictures from this incredible day. Jeff Lindstrom Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide [flagallery gid=46]]]>

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