Carp SUP

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[caption id="attachment_4109" align="aligncenter" width="549"]carp, utah, utah lake, fish Hooked up on a Utah carp[/caption] I had the opportunity to fish from a SUP for the first time last week. My friend, Tyler, has a couple of Shaboomee inflatable stand up paddle boards that he uses all the time to fish. One of his favorite fish to target is carp. He’s got it dialed in and when you made the offer to take me out whenever I wanted I knew I had to make some time. We met up on the lake around 10:30 and got the boards inflated. [caption id="attachment_4119" align="aligncenter" width="551"]OI000063 Carp puff[/caption] We started out right off the bat and saw signs of some fish. The water we are fishing is only two feet deep at its deepest point. With the bottom being muddy and the water shallow, we were able to see “puffs” where the fish have scurried off. This was a good way to locate the fish so we knew when to look for them. Sure enough we saw our first carp near the surface then a short time later we started seeing the schools. It was time!!!! [caption id="attachment_4111" align="aligncenter" width="551"]OI000015 Tyler’s first fish of the day[/caption] The idea was to cast your fly a few inches from the fish, make two strips, let it die, wait two seconds then set the hook. This was a very effective way to target these super spooky and intelligent fish. Tyler was the first to hook up. He fought his fish with an eight weight and handled him without any problem. It was impressive how Tyler knew exactly what time we would start seeing fish and where they would be. It’s nice to have a “guide” along that knows the fish so well. DSC_0155   I hooked into my first fish of the day not long after Tyler’s. I was using an Orvis Recon 9ft 6wt. I was immediately into my backing and the strength of the fish wouldn’t allow me to get him anywhere close to me for ten minutes. He made several runs. As soon as I would get him close he would rip off a hundred feet of line. I finally got him close enough for Tyler to net him. These carp weren’t huge but the six weight did great and had amazing fighting power. OI000029 We hooked several fish in just a few hours. We had so much fun paddling around and spotting fish. If you haven’t ever fished from an SUP I would highly recommend that you give it a try. I can see using these everywhere from high mountain lakes for trout, large reservoirs for bass and carp and larger rivers for trout. I’ve been on the fence for a year now on whether to get one or not. Thanks to Tyler, I WILL be getting an inflatable SUP soon.  ]]>