"Distracted" Adventure

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_DSC6735Cortney Boice, Derek Olthuis, Phil Tuttle and myself (Spencer Higa) set out this year to film a feature film for the International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4). We had several ideas on what we wanted to do but it all came back to fishing for cutthroat trout. We decided to make things interesting we would try to catch several subspecies of cutthroat throughout the west. We decided on Colorado, Westslope, Snake river fine spotted and Bonneville cutthroat. This wasn’t a simple one day adventure. Because we were targeting several subspecies of cutthroat we spent all spring, summer and fall fishing/filming. It was difficult to get all of us together at once with our crazy work and family schedules. Luckily we were able to all find time on a few occasions to get together and film. The nice thing about cutthroat trout is that they live in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. We drove over two thousand miles in pursuit of these fish. We fished  small streams, crystal clear rivers and lakes. We did get a little “distracted” on one of the rivers we fished. You won’t want to miss this. Be sure to check out our feature film “distracted” at the 2015 international fly fishing film festival and see our crazy adventures to some beautiful locations. You might even see one of the biggest bonneville cutthroat you’ve ever seen……..   Cortney Boice is the president of Blue Halo which makes the finest Fiberglass fly rods available on the planet. If you haven’t ever fished a fiberglass rod you are missing out. The rods are a true pleasure to fish and as we experienced on our adventures this year, the rods can handle fish from 8 inches to 3o inches no problem. You can find Cort and Blue Halo at various fly fishing shows this year. Phil Tuttle is a native fisheries biologist for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. To put it bluntly, He knows fish. Phil is a very fishy dude and has caught some enormous fish over the years. If you have any entomology questions just ask Phil. When he’s not fishing for trout you can find him hunting Tiger Musky. He’s a part of the Outsmartingfish blog. Check out his profile here Derek Olthuis is a guide here at Falcons’ Ledge. He’s been a great asset to the team here and knows how to get his clients into fish. Even on the tough days Derek works extremely hard to put his clients in the position to succeed. Derek fishes more than anyone I know. He’ll drive 12 hours to fish and then turnaround and drive back. Some say he’s crazy, I say he’s a trout bum. He likes to catch big fish. His famous fly is called the “pack of marabou” He literally uses an entire pack of marabou for this fly. Spencer Higa is the head guide at Falcon’s Ledge. He’s been guiding for nearly 2o years now. He’s also a partner at Tacky fly fishing. It’s the most innovative fly box to recently come to market. Spencer is the creater of the SOS which has been a successful fly not only in Utah but all over the country.   “Distracted” (Trailer) – Official Selection, IF4™ 2015 from IF4™ on Vimeo.]]>