Fly Fishing Quick Tip – Approaching Fish

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Fly Fishing Tip – Approach with Caution Approaching fish properly is a critical part of fly fishing that we often don’t think about.  It is important because if a fish gets spooked it will not feed for some time and a fisherman will probably lose the opportunity to catch that fish. 1- Approach from Downstream. The first thing to keep in mind when approaching fish is to approach them from downstream.  A fishes anatomy is designed to face upstream for feeding, breathing, and to hold their position in a stream.  Because fish face upstream they cannot see well downstream and if you approach fish from downstream they will be much less likely to see you and spook. 2- Use Stealth. Try to approach each fish with as much stealth as possible.  When you are fishing a small stream or water is low and clear, fish can spook even if you are approaching from downstream.  Using natural barriers to hide from fish can be a great way to avoid being seen.  Boulders, trees, or bushes can be great barriers to hide behind as you approach and cast to a fish.  If there are no barriers to hide behind, crawling can be a great way to approach fish without being seen.  At Falcon’s Ledge we fish many small streams and our guides will often ask clients to stay low to approach fish. 3- Cast with Care. Third, always try to avoid casting your fly line over the head of the fish. Fly line landing in front of or over the top of a fish can spook a fish, especially if water conditions are low or clear.  Fishing a long leader in these conditions and casting so the leader lands over the top of the fish and the fly line lands behind the fish will help you avoid spooking fish with your line. For more information on approaching fish watch this great video by Orvis. See All Orvis Learning Center Fly Fishing Video Lessons]]>

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