Fly Fishing Quick Tip: Fishing High, Dirty Water

By May 17, 2015 No Comments

First time is just luck, I thought to myself. He plopped it into the foam again, jigged it a few times, and wham! Into another one. Second time is coincidence, right? Again, he pitched the rig into the eddy, let it drift for a few feet, jigged it, and was met with a violent strike that broke off the point fly.Hmm. . .third time is a charm, and this might actually work, I couldn’t help but believe. And so it went throughout the day. We floated bucket to bucket, eddy to eddy, and had as good a day as ever. We even took off the indicator just to make it easier to cast. We got no hits when we dead-drifted the nymphs. Clearly the fish wanted to eat but would only take when they saw movement in the muddy, off-color water. In the end, there’s no doubt we got lucky, and normally under such conditions I would have cancelled the trip. But we were there, and sometimes thinking outside the box works. For the full story and pictures visit:]]>