Fly Fishing Quick Tip – Mending Line

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Mending Line The amount of power used and amount of line mended to keep the fly line from dragging the fly depends on the amount of line that has been cast. An angler should practice mending line of different lengths to get the feel for the amount of power needed to mend different lengths of line. Line can be mended as many times as necessary in one drift to give the fly a natural float and prevent the fly line from dragging the fly. The angler should be careful not to mend too much line and move the fly out of the feeding lane of the fish, but also not to mend too little line and have his fly dragged out of the feeding lane by the current. With practice an angler can develop the right amount of power and proper technique for mending line. For a video presentation on mending line, watch Orvis’ instructional video at the following link: See All Orvis Learning Center Fly Fishing Video Lessons Written By: David Danley]]>

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