Fly Fishing Quick Tip – Nymph Presentation

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Tips on Fly Fishing with Nymphs Nymph fishing is an occasionally scoffed at by purists, but it’s here to stay and is one of, if not the best ways to catch trout on a fly. Entire books can and have been written on nymphing.  For a great reference on fly fishing with nymphs we highly recommend George Daniels’ Dynamic Nymphing.  George’s book is a great detailed text, however, we wanted to also give a quick and easy guide to presenting nymphs properly. 1- Try Fishing Upstream. Some nymph fishers only seem to fish across, but a great way to present nymphs without drag is by casting directly upstream.  This will usually allow a nymph to dead drift and, if it is weighted properly, bounce along the bottom into feeding fish.  This is a great presentation technique, but does take a good amount of effort stripping in slack line each drift and recasting the line at the conclusion of each drift. 2- Eliminate Drag with Mending. Casting across river and allowing the nymph to drift downstream is another technique for nymphing.  This technique allows you to drift the nymph down a riffle or run and then flip your nymph back to the top of the riffle without recasting all of your line.  However, this presentation method does lend itself to drag and you must mend your line properly to avoid drag on your nymph.  For more tips on mending refer to our mending quick tip: For more information on nymph presentation watch this great video by Orvis: See All Orvis Learning Center Fly Fishing Video Lessons  ]]>

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