Fly Fishing Quick Tip – Reading a River

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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 2- Undercut banks and overhanging bushes and branches often provide a great spot for trout to hold and is great place to focus your efforts when fishing a stretch of river.  Trout, especially brown trout, have been shown in electro-fishing research to hold up under banks and underneath branches and overhanging bushes and trees.  These spots provide protection from overhead attack and a great hiding place.  These areas also provide a great food supply as many aquatic insects cling to these branches and adult stoneflies and caddis will often fall off overhanging branches into the water.  Some of the best fishing days I have experienced have been running a caddis or stonefly imitation underneath overhanging branches and willows. Blog 2 3- Deep runs in a river with a current running through the center of the run are another great area for trout to live.  These deep runs provide a great spot for trout to sit near the bottom of the river where the current is weak and the fish can pick off aquatic insects being brought down the current to them without using much energy.  These spots are also deep enough that most predators can’t get to them.  These areas are most effectively fished by running a nymph down the main current as close to the bottom of the river as possible. Blog 3 These are the first three areas that I usually focus on when I fish a river.  They are the areas in a river where trout congregate due to safety, food supply, and low energy expenditure.  Next time you get out to the river try focusing on these three areas and I know that you will see greater success.]]>

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