Fly Fishing Quick Tip – Targeting Structure

By October 3, 2014 No Comments

Tiger 2 Any structure in the water can provide a good hiding spot for trout, so look for anything in the water or overhanging the water to target.  Rocks, woody debris, bushes, bridge concrete, or overhanging tree branches are just a few of the possible pieces of structure that trout can hide under.  Undercut banks or vegetation hanging off the bank can provide great structure for fish to hide under.  Don’t overlook small pieces of structure, trout often don’t need a very big piece of debris to hide under and you can often find very big fish in small, inconspicuous spots. IMG00116-20100629-1135 (3) Once you find a spot that you think looks like a good hiding spot for a trout try casting all around it.  If you are fishing a dry fly, cast your fly all around the piece of structure and get your fly as close to the debris as possible.  Make sure you cover the water thoroughly.  If you are fishing a nymph, run the nymph underneath the structure and try to get a drag-free drift underneath the structure.  Streamers also can be fished under structure.  Cast the streamer upstream from the structure and let the current take the streamer under the structure.  When the streamer is under the structure give the streamer some quick strips.  Try stripping the streamer at different points during the drift giving the fly some action in different areas around the structure.  Trout often hold very tight around structure, so the closer you can get your fly underneath the debris the better the chance a fish will be tempted to come out after it.  Next time you see some debris in a river or lake give it a shot there might just be a big trout hiding underneath it.]]>