A Great Day at Little Hole

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The Green river is one of the most famous tailwaters in the west for several reasons. It has several thousand fish per mile, it’s located in a beautiful steep canyon below Flaming Gorge Reservoir, it has a healthy population of insects and has plenty of wildlife along the rivers edge. We had a group we were guiding at the Falcon’s Ledge that decided they wanted to fish the Green River for one of their days. We made the arrangements with Trout Creek Flies and all the boats were set. I had decided to take the group out to the Green to make sure they got there safely. I took fellow guide, Jeff Lindstrom, with me for some company. We decided that since we were going all the way out there we might as well fish ourselves. We dropped the guests off at the fly shop, met their guides and they were off. I asked Jeff where he wanted to fish and we decided to stay close and fish at Little Hole. It was late June and the cicadas were buzzing in the trees. The buzzing was so loud and intense we wished we had brought our headphones to dampen the noise.


We made it to the boat ramp at Little Hole and immediately tied on big foam flies knowing that the fish were looking up at the cicadas. It’s always fun fishing big dry flies to these well educated trout. As we walked down to the water I mentioned to Jeff that I’ve done quite well right at the boat ramps in years past. He then gave me the go ahead to make the first cast. Standing on the concrete of the boat ramp, I made my first cast. My big size 4 Chubby Chernobyl drifted three feet before a nice brown crushed it on the surface. Jeff yelled with excitement and we knew it was going to be a great day. Jeff then walked a few feet up from the ramp and hooked into his first fish of the day. He fought it downstream and landed it right at the ramp. Jeff then began hooking fish after fish near the boat ramp and I soon figured out that I needed to stay close to get pictures for Jeff. We worked our way up the edge of the river and eventually crossed to the other side. We spotted almost all of our fish that we caught. We found the most aggressive ones that we knew would come from the bottom to crush our dries. We had a great day not moving out of eye site of the boat ramp at Little Hole.


As the afternoon went on we looked up and saw one of the boats in our group rounding the last bend before the take out. We knew our day was coming to an end. Reluctantly, we made it back to the boat ramp to greet our guests and talk about the day they had on the river. It was truly an amazing day on the river and it was fun to share the experience with a good friend. Written by Spencer Higa [flagallery gid=48]]]>

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