"Hot Potato" Fish

By August 26, 2014 No Comments

image One of the first instructions I was given when I became a fly fishing guide is “don’t fish while guiding”. This rule is common sense as we guides are in the service business and should be spending all our time putting guests on fish. I have heard stories from guests about guides in other places that fished while guiding and caught more fish than their clients. Not cool. I recall a time when a guest of Falcon’s Ledge required a ride to the Green River where she would float and fish the river with another guide. When I dropped her off, she insisted I take the other spot in the boat and fish with her. I accepted and though I wasn’t her guide that day, I made sure I did not catch as many fish as she did. I recall leaving my line out with moss on my fly so it appeared I was fishing but would not catch a fish. These are the actions we guides take to put our guests first and make sure their trip is optimal. But what about times when a guide is giving a casting lesson or showing a new casting technique on a river and a fish eats the fly? Does this ever happen? Yes, and way too often! image One such incident happened this year with a nice couple from Texas. The husband, John, was an experienced fly fisher and did not need much instruction. The wife, Dede, was just getting into fly fishing and doing great, but needed some pointers. The first day we fished the still waters at Falcon’s Ledge. While I was demonstrating the timing of a cast, a rainbow trout exploded on the fly and out of habit I set the hook. I immediately handed the rod to Dede and we laughed as she brought the fish in and landed it. In good humor she said she could only claim half credit for catching that fish. The following day we went to a nearby river. Around one bend was a unique current with brush along the right side. While demonstrating a cast over the opposite shoulder, a nice brown came up and slurped our fly. Immediately the fish took off and I basically threw the rod at Dede so she could bring it in. Again we laughed after landing the fish and John got pictures of the whole thing. Dede later commented how that rod was like a “hot potato” in my hands. image Sometimes it seems my luck is better when I am guiding than when I fish on my own. I am constantly reminded of the unpredictability of fishing, and I am thankful for fun clients who take it in stride and can laugh about it. Written by: Jeff Lindstrom]]>