The Joy of Fly Fishing

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The Start of a Fly Fishing Legacy I had the wonderful opportunity to take my two sons fishing this morning. My wife was working and the lake fishing is really getting good as the weather warms up, so I decided to sneak out and hook a few fish and teach my boys a little about the joy of fishing. The morning was beautiful, the sun was bright and with the warm sun hitting the water there were a few midges on the lake. I rigged up my Helios 2 and tied on a chironomid, dropping it off of a strike indicator about 10 feet. I figured that this would be an easy set up for my boys to get the feel for fly fishing and give them the opportunity to hook and reel in a few trout. At 1 and 3 years old Chase and Miles are still a bit too young to cast, so I cast out the line for them and let them hold the rod while we waited for a fish to cruise by and pick up our chironomid. photo 3 After a few minutes our strike indicator dipped and we set the hook. A nice rainbow was on the line and I let Miles reel him in. As the fish got near the shoreline and jumped and splashed in the shallows I saw a big smile on his face. After snapping a quick picture we released the rainbow back into the water and watched him swim away, and my son said, “Let’s catch another fish dad that was fun.” photo We cast a few more times and found another rainbow looking for a meal. This time I let Chase reel the fish in. Again, as the rainbow got near the shore and jumped and splashed around both of my sons laughed and smiled. We snapped another quick picture and slid the rainbow back into the water. photo 2 As we sat and watched our strike indicator my boys would get distracted and play in the dirt and throw rocks, and as I watched them play on the shore I thought to myself, “This is what fishing is all about. Fishing is not about how many fish you catch or how big of fish you catch, but it is about the joy of fishing. Whether the joy of fishing for you is teaching others to fish, being in the outdoors, the thrill of seeing a fish rise on a dry fly, the challenge of catching an elusive fish, or the peace and quiet fishing affords. Fishing provides all of these joys and more for different people at different times.” I set out this morning to teach my boys about fishing and as I watched them with pure joy on their faces, they taught me . photo 1]]>

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