Keoni's Quest

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utah fly fishing, utah fishing, fly fishing, orvis Keoni fishing pocket water[/caption]

We hiked a few miles into a steep canyon on a small creek. Fishing was fast all day for smaller browns, rainbows and even a few cutthroat. It was tempting to enjoy the fast action on big dry flies, but we knew the bigger fish were going to be down deep and less likely to come to the surface.

[caption id="attachment_2669" align="aligncenter" width="589"]utah fly fishing, utah fishing, fly fishing, orvis, trout, falcons ledge Fishy water[/caption] We approached the deepest and most “fishy” hole on the creek and could see cutthroat feeding on a shallow muddy shelf on one side. I rigged up a dry and began picking them off one by one. My friend was fishing two heavy nymphs and dredged the main current with great success including several very nice browns. After 15 fish (yes, 15 fish!) from the same hole, we decided to rest the hole and have lunch. [caption id="attachment_2677" align="aligncenter" width="614"]Higas sos, flyfishing, utah fly fishing, orvis, utah fishing, trout, utah ri Higa’s SOS[/caption] After lunch we went back to work. As I had picked off all the fish that were feeding on dries I switched to my nymphing rig with a size 18 Higa’s SOS on the end. My first cast produced this fish! It was a long and nerve-racking fight but it came to net. A true trophy for this water and a great end to a great day of fishing. [caption id="attachment_2672" align="aligncenter" width="619"]utah fly fishing, fly fishing, utah fishing, trout, orvis Keoni’s big rainbow[/caption]

Written by Keoni Kauwe

Photos by Keoni Kauwe

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