Why We Trust the Helios 2

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Here in Eastern Utah we have a longstanding association with the picturesque small, mountain streams that hold endless opportunities, particularly for the dry-fly fanatic in catching abundant brown trout, rainbows, cutthroat and brooke trout.

[caption id="attachment_2502" align="aligncenter" width="502"]P1070496 Alex played this bruiser like a champ on his 10′ 5 weight H2 during his trip to Falcon’s Ledge[/caption] But as many guests have been fortunate enough to experience, these fishing opportunities are not limited to the light tackle quarry, with the opportunity to catch large, powerful fish (both in still water and stream scenarios) that will put a serious bend in your rod.  These are the fish that test both your gear, as well as your ability to play them to the net, and when I’m on the water with clients I prefer to leave as little room for error as possible.   [caption id="attachment_3074" align="aligncenter" width="498"]A healthy still water rainbow fills the net before its release A healthy still water rainbow fills the net, thanks to the H2, before its release[/caption]

An 8'6" 5 weight…..yes 5 weight held up to this common

An 8’6″ 5 weight…..yes… 5 weight hauled in this common
When it comes to a rod with the finesse for delicate fly placement, power to punch into the wind, and the guts to handle a wild trophy running you into your backing, or making a sprint for a log jam, the Helios 2 is tough to beat.  Check out the video below to see just how strong this rod is, and why we love and trust it here at Falcon’s Ledge. by Mike Mazzoni photos by Mike Mazzoni video by Bryan Eldredge    ]]>

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