Massive Midges

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Big Midges Turn into Trout


Recently fellow guide, Jeff Lindstrom and myself decided to go check out the Provo river and see if the rumors we had been hearing were true. We heard the midges were out and the fish were going nuts for them. Usually at the beginning of the hatch the midge are big.

I had a couple of hours to fish before a meeting for work. I met Jeff at the mouth of Provo Canyon where we had heard of these massive midge hatches. Before I strung up my rod I wandered over to the rivers edge to see what was happening. Sure enough, I saw fish suspended below the surface waiting for a meal to float by. A few minutes went by but didn’t see any rises on midges. All of a sudden four fish rose at the exact same time. Jeff and I got excited and knew this was going to be a good day. I put my tried and tested Buffalo Soldier pattern. It didn’t take long before we had our first fish. Usually when fishing midges you have to look for a rise but today these midges were so big we were able to use size 16’s with no problem. The best part of it was we could actually see the fly and the take.


We fished for two solid hours and the fishing was great. As the hatch came to a close we decided to put on some nymphs. The fish were just as active below the surface. Just as the midges are starting we should be seeing BWO’s shortly. Stay tuned for another post about the incredible BWO hatch.]]>

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