Saturday Morning Brown Trout

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20 inch20 inch The boys were still throwing rocks and hadn’t fallen in yet, so I threw out another cast.  After a few minutes another fish rolled on my fly and I set the hook.  After running me out into the lake and jumping several times I caught sight of a gorgeous 20 inch brown trout.  I raised my rod and slid him into shore.  I admired his big, black spots, snapped a few pics of him, and let him swim away. 20 incher I made sure that my boys hadn’t knocked each other out with rocks or clubbed each other with a stick and no one was crying or bleeding, so I walked down the shore and watched for cruising fish.  I spotted a fish roll and cast to him.  He jumped right on my midge and after a short fight I had another 18 inch brown in my hand.  He jumped back in the water and I only got a picture of him splashing as he swam off. Splash The midge feast had brought out the big browns to play and I scanned the water for another feeding fish.  I spotted another cruising past me and I laid my line out in front of him.  He rolled on my midge and after a few runs I had a final brown trout in hand that morning.  I snapped a couple of pictures and slipped him back into the water. Brown I gathered up my two boys and drove off with images of beautiful brown trout in my mind.  The brown trout had come out to feed on midges that Saturday morning and thanks to my boys I had been there to enjoy it. Brown Eye]]>

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