Dave's Tiger Trout

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Late fall in Utah is one of my favorite times of year.  The temperature is moderate during the day, the air is cool and crisp, and the brown and tiger trout get aggressive.  The beautifully-colored browns are spawning and are up in the shallows along the shore line looking for spawning areas and strike at nearly anything that gets in their territory.  The tiger trout are feeding heavily before the winter hits, but the tigers can be fickle and you can find them one day and they are gone the next.  However, I think that the challenge of tiger trout is part of the allure for me every fall.  I have found myself on many occasions in the late fall stopping and fishing for 30 minutes or an hour after work trying to hook into one of these big, beautiful fish.  One fall day I had a couple of hours after work and decided to fish a lake that holds some big browns and tigers and see if I could find some of these big boys cruising around the rocky shoreline.  After fishing for only 15 minutes I saw a rise just down the shoreline near a clump of dead trees.  I cast the Klinkhammer on the end of my line where I had seen the rise, and a trout came shooting out from under the dead branches and inhaled my fly sitting on the water.  After running my line out into the lake a few times and shaking his head vigorously I was able to get a beautiful 19-inch tiger trout to the shore.  I headed for home content with finding one of these rare fish. A few days later I found myself working my way down the same shoreline looking for more tiger trout.  I wasn’t having much luck on dry flies and the water surface was calm, so I decided to switch to a cinnamon-colored streamer that would imitate the many crayfish in the lake.  I started casting it around the submerged rocks and weed beds and slowly pulling it through the water when I got a strike and my line took off toward the middle of the lake.  The fish dodged left and right toward weed beds and submerged rocks trying to find some refuge, but I was able to keep him from getting tangled in any structure by angling my Helios 2 rod away from the different structure.  I finally got him up to the shore and caught sight of a beautiful 22-inch tiger trout.  I have fished this lake many times and caught a lot of fish, but these beautiful tiger trout are a rare treat that keep me coming back every fall. Written by Dave Danley Photos by Dave Danley]]>

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