Tim's Candy Crane

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IMG_4865 small Hook: Gamakatsu “Split Shot/Drop Shot” 1/0 Thread: Olive UTC 70 denier Tail: Small Cream Spanflex Core: Krystal Flash (bonefish tan) Body: UV Cure resin Dorsal lines: Peacock Herl Skin: Lt Olive Swiss Straw Rib: Olive Ultra Wire (sz: brassie) Coating: Sally Hansen’s Once upon a time a fly fishing entomologist blew my mind by telling me that the most undefished type of fly in the world was the cranefly larva. He had just finished showing me a grundle of giant cranefly larva that he had pulled out of the North Platte in Casper, WY. They were huge, plump, delicious looking. Obviously segmented. But the thing that made these live larva look different than any fly pattern I’d ever seen to represent them was that they were shockingly translucent. They almost seemed to glow in the sunlight. I spent the next couple years figuring out how to replicate that glowing look, and the Tim’s Candy Crane is the result. I first tested it on the Beaverhead in the middle of a BWO hatch and it outfished the baetis emergers and nymphs with which I drifted it in tandem 3 or 4-to-1! Since then it’s continued to fish better than I ever hoped it would through R&D, and is now available from Orvis. Fish it as your lead fly with whatever little nymph is supposed to work best on your home stream trailing behind or us it as part of your Czech nymph rig. It’s smooth dense build helps it get down well. If you’re feeling particularly dirty, double up with one in tan and one in Olive, like I do.]]>