Urban Fishing

By December 7, 2015 No Comments

image1-3 copy 2 A couple of weeks ago I turned on the news and was shocked to hear there was a semi truck carrying crude oil that had hit ice up Provo canyon and wrecked. It happened next to the river and then the bad news came. Over one thousand gallons of oil had spilled into the river. The canyon was closed for several hours as they tried to clean up the spill and to avoid any damage to the river. Workers were doing everything they could to get the situation under control. I couldn’t help but to think that the poor fish were going to die and that this would be yet another disaster. As the day went on they had opened the canyon and had cleaned up as much as they could. I drove down to the river to see if there was any sign of the oil spill. There wasn’t any noticeable sign….yet. Fast forward a few days and I was getting curious on how this oil spill was going to affect the river. I called a couple of friends and we headed down to the river to see what we could find and if the fish had survived. image5 After fifteen minutes on the river we hadn’t even seen a fish. The Provo river has a lot of fish per mile and it’s pretty common to see at least a few fish. We were worried but we kept at it. Finally, I hooked into a little brown. He was hungry and fought very hard as relief set in that these fish might be ok. I hooked into second fish and I started to feel relieved. image3-2 copy As the day went on we caught several fish that didn’t seem to be affected at all by the oil spill. It was nice to see the health of the fish too. Thanks to the quick response to the workers to get the mess cleaned up, I think the disaster was avoided and the resource suffered very little because of it.]]>