Utah Pheasant Hunting

By November 22, 2015 No Comments

image1-3The pheasant hunting here at Falcon’s Ledge started in September. We’re in our prime time hunting conditions now and the birds are flying hard. The nice thing about hunting with us at PVHP is that whatever type of cover you want to hunt in we’ve got it. Wether it’s an easy walk and shoot to a more intensive hike into washes through Russian olive trees to get the most elusive birds. With thousands of acres of prime hunting habitat we’ll make sure we find something that suits you. We’re confident that this will be some the best hunting you’ve ever done. image4Our most recent groups to the lodge have come from all over the united states. We have nearby airports that will allow most private jets to land. This makes it convenient for someone who wants to fly in and hunt with us for a few days. For these recent groups that have visited us brought friends and top employees in for a incentive based trip. The top employees with the company were treated to a two day hunt with the best guides and dogs around. We usually split into groups of 3-5 and head out to separate fields to hunt. image3-2The first day was a little windy but the birds were holding which made it easier for the dogs and the hunters. We were able to walk right up on the dogs on point and get prepared for the shot. The dogs we use mainly are pointing dogs. The birds flew hard and made us pay if we missed. It was fun watching the dogs work and really track down the birds. We passed up some birds only to find the dogs on point behind us waiting for us to walk up and flush the birds. Always trust your dogs. Come out and visit us for a hunt of a lifetime. Our season ends March 15th so call us for more details. 435-454-3737]]>