Winter Fly Fishing

By January 5, 2015 No Comments

image Bryan Eldredge called me on a snowy winter morning and asked if I wanted to spend a few hours on the river. I reluctantly said yes and met him near the mouth of Provo canyon. It had been very cold recently with highs in the teens. This particular day was a little warmer with the high being 22 degrees. We made it to the middle Provo river and rigged up some nymphs to start off. The fishing was slow and after about an hour we started to see little noses breaking the surface. With no luck nymphing we immediately switched over to dries and began seeing some action. Although the fish were active, getting them to eat our flies was a little frustrating. They would eat naturals inches away from our imitations. We switched out flies regularly trying figure our which bug would work. image_1 Bryan finally hooked into the first fish. He had a tied a tiny CDC midge the night before and it was a good thing because that was the fly that worked for him. This fish was his first fish of 2015. I fished for a very picky fish for over an hour. After several fly changes I finally hooked my first fish of 2015 on a size 18 Matt’s midge. It wasn’t a big fish but rewarding nonetheless. After only a few hours on the river the sun began to set and the temperature dropped considerably. We were satisfied with our day and headed home.]]>