Women Are Hooked On Fly Fishing

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 Women Fly Fishers on the Rise


After more than a decade of being a fly fishing guide in Utah, I have noticed an increase in one exciting, passionate population of anglers…women fly fishers. I have learned through the years about organizations, forums, round tables, retreats, outings, educational seminars, etc, all promoting women in fly fishing. Now there are websites and magazines especially for this fast growing segment of the fly fishing industry. image As a guide, I have often been asked if women fly fish and what my experience has been teaching and guiding them. My answers usually startle the asker. In my experience, women learn faster than men and are more fun to guide. Why?…usually their next question. I have pondered that answer for a long time. Are women more talented? More in tune? More artistic? Do they listen better? Is it the lack of macho “I got this” mentality? In truth, my answer is the combination of all those things. image   I remember one of my first guiding experiences with a lady angler. This angler’s husband pulled me aside before the day began and said “spend all your time with her, I want to make sure she has a positive experience.” After reviewing the very basics of casting, setting the hook, and playing the fish, she was soon landing fish and having a ball. I could see the struggling husband’s attitude was happy about her success at first, and then it changed to resentment. I did end up giving him some guidance before the day was through, and we all learned a lot that day about general assumptions. image   I recall another lady first timer who could not get enough of casting. While reviewing the basics of casting on the shore of a small lake, she was amazed at how quickly and accurately she learned to cast. She kept saying it was “artwork in action”. I remember how after false casting for what seemed like forever, she presented the fly gently on the water. A fish immediately rose to eat the fly but she quickly yanked it off the water exclaiming “no, fish, I just want to cast…” One of our most exciting fly fishing groups at Falcon’s Ledge is made up entirely of women. They come every June and usually stay several days. These 10-12 ladies are from out of state and have varying degrees of fly fishing experience. Long before their arrival the guides are elbowing for a chance to guide this fun group. Why? In my opinion its because of their family-like environment, pleasant attitudes, and enjoyment of the trip regardless of the numbers or sizes of fish. At the end of each day there is picture swapping and each lady is genuinely happy for the success of everyone else. At the end of the trip there is always a group picture with the guides, followed by exchanges of hugs and well-wishes for the rest of the year. image The excitement and popularity of women and fly fishing is growing rapidly. One of my guests from last fall shared how, after she posted a picture holding a fish on her social media site, she was approached by a women’s outdoor magazine for an interview including her picture. Word is spreading that fly fishing is one of those special sports that can be enjoyed by anyone at any age. And the fact that more and more women are getting hooked…even better! Written by: Jeff Lindstrom Photos by: Jeff Lindstrom]]>

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