A Day Off With Stillwater Rainbows

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There are times, though few, during the fly fishing guiding season when guides get a chance to fish together.  This usually occurs when client schedules line up just right so that two or three guides have a day off in between trips.  Such was the case last September when guides Spencer Higa and Derek Olthuis accompanied me to a favorite reservoir in Eastern Utah.   IMG_0317 After a packed summer of guiding, we were eager to get away and do some casting of our own.   As most of our trips take place on beautiful small streams, I was looking forward to some spacious water and a chance to stretch out my cast as far as I could.  The drive seemed to take forever, but the day was perfect with blue sky and little wind. Upon arrival, we found the reservoir level was lower than usual, due to a soft winter followed by a dry summer.  The water was calm and had hints of algae, but it was clear enough for a fish to easily see a fly.  Derek was the first one in the water and was soon hooting about a fish on the line.  By the time I walked the two hundred yards up the shoreline and waded out to him, he had his third fish on.  I didn’t need to ask what he was using since Derek loves streamer fishing and rarely changes his approach.  I got a picture of his third fish and before I could make my third cast, he had a fourth fish bending his rod.  Spencer was across the bay from us and we soon heard shouts from him indicating success.  I found myself playing camera man as these two pros hooked fish.  But eventually I moved in beside Derek and promptly hooked a thick fish of my own.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Our most successful method of fishing was stripping small leech patterns slowly along the bottom of the lake.  The strip was very slow and each bump felt was either a rock or a fish.  Fortunately, it was mostly the latter.  The fish were hungry and plentiful.  We soon discovered masses of scuds all over our waders which explained the abundant food source and why the fish were so healthy.   IMG_0325 The day flew by and our forearms were burning from fighting fat rainbows.  We reluctantly tore ourselves away from the water and started the long drive back.  Our exhaustion, though, was fulfilling and rejuvenating, the kind that energizes the soul.  We were refreshed and ready to guide again tomorrow and thankful for a great day spent with good friends and fat rainbows. IMG_0315 written by: Jeff Lindstrom photos by: Jeff Lindstrom and Derek Olthuis]]>

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