Fishing in High Water

By July 20, 2015 No Comments

image1 I decided to stay on the near side of the river and position ourselves where we wouldn’t spook the fish. This meant staying near the bank and staying out of the water as much as possible. Short casts with lots of weight was crucial in getting the flies down fast enough to get into the zone. image3 Our game plan worked and we found the fish holding close to the bank where the water was calm and barely moving. The only problem was that when we hooked into fish they immediately ran into the fast water and shot downstream. Larger tippet was needed to be able to coax the fish to the river’s edge without breaking off. For the most part it worked. We ended up losing a few fish to the fast-moving water. image2We ended up catching several nice fish and learned a few things about how to fish certain areas when conditions aren’t ideal. image4    ]]>