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Spring fishing has been amazing the last month in eastern Utah.  Both the rivers and lakes around Falcon’s Ledge have been fishing really well and guests have been catching a lot of great fish every day.  The mild weather and hot fishing makes spring one of the best times of year to fish at Falcon’s Ledge.  In this blog we will share some of our fishing tips for fly fishing in Utah in the spring.

Late April and early May is some of the best spring fishing in Utah.  The warm afternoons in late April and the first half of May create some nice midge and mayfly hatches on both the rivers and the lakes around Falcon’s Ledge.  The early part of April can be good also, but the cooler weather does not produce as many hatches in early April.  Later May can also be good fishing, but from about May 15 to the first part of June many rivers are running high and fast due to spring runoff and some rivers can fish tough.  The April 15 to May 15 time frame is a great time to be fishing in Utah and often sees good hatches and consistent flows on most rivers.

Hatches we see during the spring season are midges, blue-winged olives, and baetis.  Rising trout will often be feeding on small midges and blue-winged olives.  Parachute midges and parachute blue-winged olives are great patterns to use during the spring season.  Trout will often feed on emerging midges and blue-winged olives just under the surface.  Dropping a small zebra midge or crystal midge about 20 to 30 inches under a dry fly or small strike indicator is a great way to catch fish feeding on emerging midges on both rivers and lakes during the spring fishing season.  Patterns such as a spanish bullet perdigon, bruised baetis, and lightening bug are great patterns for spring river fishing in Utah.

Weather is mild during the spring in Utah and can be sunny or rainy and cool.  It is a good idea to bring long-sleeved sweatshirts, a coat, and a rain jacket.  Being prepared for mild, cool weather and rain will make sure that you stay warm and dry while fishing in Utah in the spring.

Spring fishing is almost over and summer is almost here.  June will bring warm weather, summer hatches, and more great fishing.  We hope to see you this spring or summer for some fly fishing at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge.


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