Fly Fishing Quick Tip – Dry Dropper Rig

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dropper-flyTo fish the dry dropper rig cast the flies upstream and let them float down the current where you can see fish or where you suspect fish are feeding.  Try to get a long drift so that the nymph or emerger has time to drop into the feeding lane where the fish are sitting.  If the dry fly stops, hesitates, or dips under the water set the hook, because the fish will often not take the nymph aggressively and the take can be subtle.  Also, be prepared for takes on the dry fly, because fish will often take the come all the way up for the dry fly when fishing a dry dropper rig For more information on fishing a dry dropper rig check out this great video by Orvis: See All Orvis Learning Center Fly Fishing Video Lessons]]>

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