Fly Fishing Quick Tip – Fishing Small Water

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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 2- Always be focused and ready to set the hook.  Fish in small water, especially fast-moving streams strike quickly and often without warning.  In streams with a high gradient food moves by fish quickly and fish have to react quickly in these high gradient streams to catch food before it is washed away.  These fish will strike quickly and if you are not ready to set the hook you will often miss them. blog 3- Watch for small pockets and seams.  In small streams and creeks fish hide in small pockets behind rocks and woody debris.  Fish also sit in small seams and depressions in the stream bed.  If you are not watching for these small pockets and seams you will often miss them and walk past a lot of fish.  Keep a sharp eye out for these small places in the stream that hold fish. blog    ]]>

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