Fly Fishing Quick Tip – Get Out On The Water

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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Experience on the water is invaluable and there is no substitute for getting out and exploring, watching, and experiencing fly fishing on the water.  The best way to learn the basics of putting a rod outfit together, casting, tying knots, and mending line is to do it over and over again out on the river.  The only way to learn new casts for different situations and to drift a fly in different currents is to constantly fish new and different situations.  Learning to identify aquatic insects and match flies to those insects is best done by walking the river or lakeside and watching the insects hatch and trying to match them with patterns you have in your box.  Trout behavior is best learned by watching trout each day feed and move in the river and learning where and when they feed. Blog 2 Fly fishing is best learned on the water, but this learning and experience can be sped up exponentially by rubbing shoulders with family, friends, and guides that also enjoy fly  fishing.  They can teach you from their years of experience on the water.  I was fortunate enough to have an uncle who fished and guided the Bitterroot and Henry’s Fork extensively and he taught me from his years of experience and knowledge.  I have also had the great honor of working with fly fishing guides and experts in the field that have taught me from their lifelong experience.  You can acquire lifetimes of experience by hiring guides and finding friends to fish with. dbp.8-6-12_1885s Get out there on the water and take a friend, you will both learn a lot and have a great time doing it.  I can’t think of many better times I have had than out on the water watching the insects dance and the trout rise.]]>

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