Fly Fishing Quick Tip – Midges

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Trout Snacks – Fly Fishing with Midges Spring time in the Rockies means midges. Of all fly fishing flies, these are the smallest and most prolific when they hatch. Midges hatch on rivers and lakes in swarms throughout the spring and trout feed heavily on them.  If you have the right midge patterns in your box you can do very well most days in the spring.  Here are 5 of our favorite midge patterns for the spring: Zebra Midge –  We mostly fish the zebra midge in black or red with silver ribbing and a silver bead.  We commonly fish the zebra midge in sizes 16-22. It is a great representation for many common midges and works great in both rivers and lakes fished under a strike indicator or dry fly. Zebra Midge Disco Midge – The disco midge comes in several variations, all of them flashy. We mainly fish it with a silver tinsel body, a white bead, and peacock herl behind the bead.  We commonly fish it in sizes 16-22.  It works in both rivers and lakes, but it most effective in lakes fished under a strike indicator. Disco Midge Sno-cone Chironomid –  The sno-cone chironomid comes in a plethora of colors and variations.  We most commonly fish it with a white bead, black body and red wire ribbing.  However, it is also very effective with an olive body and red or pink ribbing.  This midge pattern is most effective on lakes fished under a strike indicator.  We fish it in sizes 14-18. Sno-cone Griffiths Gnat –  The Griffiths Gnat is legendary midge pattern. It is a great fly for imitating adult mating midge clusters.  This is a go-to fly when there a rising fish in the spring and there are adult midges in the air.  Cast this dry fly to rising fish and you will be rewarded.  We fish this midge pattern in sizes 16-22. Griffiths Gnat Blood Midge – Blood worms are very common in the mud of almost all water bodies and provide a staple trout food.  Blood midges are a very effective pattern that imitate blood worms.  We tie them with red wire or thread, a few wraps of peacock herl, and a white or clear bead.  We usually fish them in sizes 16-22 under a strike indicator. Blood Midge]]>

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