Fly Fishing Quick Tip – Pike and Muskie

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Fly Fishing for Tiger Muskies and Pike Muskie and pike are some of the largest and most aggressive freshwater fish.  Fly fishing for these large, predatory fish can be one of the best adventures and greatest thrills you can have with a fly rod.  Utah already has some great tiger muskie and pike lakes and Falcon’s Ledge has recently developed two of our own private lakes as tiger muskie fisheries, making the lodge a great destination for muskie and pike fishing. Pike and muskie live in lakes with forage fish for a food base.  Lakes with a large population of perch, bluegill, minnows, and frogs are great habitats for these predatory fish and can sustain a population of pike or muskie.  Pike and muskie are ambush predators, so they can often be found hiding near rock outcroppings, under overhanging trees and bushes, and under submerged trees and logs. Large streamers made of rabbit or synthetic materials are most often used to fish for pike and muskie.  Streamers that imitate perch, bluegill, minnow species are most effective.  Frog and mice imitations can also be great patterns in shallower water and near shorelines.  Check out Orvis’ great selection of pike and muskie flies. A variety of equipment can be used to fish for pike and muskie, we recommend a 8-10 weight rod.  A large reel that can hold a lot of line with a good strong drag is a must.  You will also want to use a wire leader when fishing for these toothy fish, so that they don’t cut right through your monofilament leader. For more information and tips on fishing for pike and muskie please watch these great videos by Orvis: See All Orvis Learning Center Fly Fishing Video Lessons]]>

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