Fly Fishing Quick Tip – Be Observant

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trout-taking-fly When I was first learning to fly fish I would often go down to the Provo River and watch the river and the fish for hours.  Many cloudy, cool days I would watch trout sip midges off the surface.  On warm days in late June and early July I would watch trout move into the shallows near the edge of the river and eat stoneflies that would fall off the bushes into the water.  As I observed the different times of the year, weather conditions, and water temperatures and how they affected the insect life and fish behavior I began to learn how to catch fish in different weather conditions and times of the year. ?????????? Each time I go fishing I spend a little time looking around at the top of the water and try to evaluate any insects on the water, where the fish are hanging out, and what they are feeding on.  I often will be able to determine what insects are around and what the fish are feeding on, then I can try to find something in my box that imitates what they are eating.  Next time you go fishing try to spend a little time and observe the weather conditions, the insects in the air and on top of the water, and what the fish are doing.  You will be amazed at what you can figure out about the fish and their behavior by being observant.]]>

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