Fly Fishing Quick Tip – Photographing Fish

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2014-04-12_20.37.34 1- Always net the fish before attempting to take a picture.  If you net the fish then the fish can sit securely and safely underwater in the net while you prepare to take the picture.  This will keep the fish safe and healthy in the water and give you the time you need to get ready for the picture. [caption id="attachment_1646" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Brown trout Brown trout[/caption] 2- Get your hands wet before touching the fish and handle the fish as little as possible.  When you wet your hands before handling a fish it will help protect the fish from damage to the skin and fungal disease.  Handling the fish as little as possible will always help prevent damage to the skin of the fish. 3- Once you have the camera ready lift the fish just above the water and net.  When you lift the fish just over the net, the net will catch the fish if it happens to flop out of the your hands.  Leaving the fish over the water will also protect the fish, because if you happen to drop the fish it will fall safely in the water. flyfishing, orvis, utah fly fishing 4- Lift the fish with one hand at the base of the body just behind the adipose fin and just in front of the tail grasping the fish tight with this hand and one hand gently cradling underneath the belly.  Holding the fish in this way will allow most of the fish to be seen and not harm the fish.  Do not squeeze or grasp the fishes body directly behind the gills or stick fingers inside the gill plate.  This could hurt internal organs or gills. P1070661 5- Quickly snap a few picture and slide the fish back into the water.  Get the fish back into the water as quickly as possible.  The longer you have the fish out of the water the harder it is on the fish.  A quick release will help prevent any harm to the fish. IMG_8978]]>