Fly Fishing Quick Tip – Streamers

By February 10, 2014 No Comments The best streamer pattern to use varies widely depending on geographic area, elevation, and water body.  For example, crayfish mainly live in lakes, but sculpins live in rivers.  In order to determine the best streamer pattern to use in the water body you are fishing, hire a guide or stop by a local fly shop and they can help you pick out some streamer patterns that work well in that area and on the water body you are planning on fishing. There are some general rules to follow when streamer fishing.  The first general rule is to fish a dark-colored streamer on stormy days and light-colored streamers on sunny days.  The second general rule is to vary your retrieval speed when fishing a streamer.  Varying your retrieval on each cast will give the streamer differing depths in the water column.  Stripping the streamer at different speeds and different techniques will also swim the streamer in different ways and attract fish.  A third rule is streamer size will depend on the size of fish you are fishing for.  Big fish eat big prey.  If you are fishing for fish that are twenty to thirty inches in length you want to be using big streamers.   Anytime you see fish feeding and slashing at baitfish is a great time to use a streamer.  For more information on streamer fishing check out this great video by Orvis. See All Orvis Learning Center Fly Fishing Video Lessons]]>

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