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Innovative trout flies by Falcon’s Ledge Guides and Orvis Guides everywhere know their stuff when it comes to choosing and tying the right guide flies for their home waters. But it’s not every guide fly that gets chosen to appear in the Orvis fly fishing catalog. Here at Falcon’s Ledge we are extremely lucky to have some of the best guides and fly tying pros anywhere, and confirmation of this fact is the confidence Orvis and anglers everywhere have in these incredible flies.

cdc loop wing emerger2

CDC Loopwing Quill Emerger

Just one of many entries from our resident fly-tying guru, Grant Bench, The CDC Loopwing Quill Emerger is an incredible hatch matcher for picky fish. The Loop-wing Emerger is offered in 3 colors to match blue winged olives, sulphers and PMDs, and Hendricksons. These can also be adapted to work for nearly any hatching mayfly. We use this guide fly for picky fish in the early stages of hatches.

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Higa's S.O.S. Nymph

Higa’s SOS Nymph

Spencer Higa is the Head Guide at Falcon’s Ledge and has been guiding here for almost 20 years. He flat out knows what’s up. Spencer’s SOS is one of the first guide flies out of the box for many anglers around the world. It’s an incredible baetis nymph imitator and works as a searching pattern, midge imitation, and chironomid in lakes as well. We generally fish it as a dropper and in tandem with another nymph under an indicator. The best sizes are probably 20-16 but it’s also effective in smaller and larger sizes.

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Bread Line Mayfly Emerger

Bread Line Emerger

This appropriately named bug practically incites piscatorial riots. Another by expert fly creator, Grant Bench, this bug is a bit more robust in profile than the Loopwing Emerger, perfect for imitating a little larger mayfly species. The Breadline Emerger is most often fished dry, in the film or even as a dropper during early stages of a hatch. It’s great for selective trout and has been responsible for more than a few giant brown trout for some of our clients.

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Rosetta Stonefly Nymph

Rosetta Stone

Where did this name come from? Well, this is another Grant Bench bug and Grant’s prowess at the fly tying vise is probably only rivaled by his innate ability to learn new languages. This flashy stonefly nymph is a proven big fish catcher. With a bit of flash, realistic segmentation, and a seductive wiggle, the Rosetta Stone matches stoneflies and catches big trout in rivers from coast to coast and pole to pole, whatever the local language.

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Phlamin Pheasant Tail Nymph

Phlamin Pheasant Tail

Tim Jenkins (Big Tim) has a wide breadth of expertise in a variety of interesting fields. Luckily for us, catching beautiful trout in incredible alpine waters is atop that list. With its bright bead and colorful dubbing, Tim’s Phlamin Pheasant Tail Nymph is a flambouyant take on a classic pattern that turns up the heat and catches fish when other flies fail to ignite any interest. We fish the Phlamin Pheasant tail in tandem with other nymphs under an indicator, as a dropper, stripped as a trailer behind a bugger and in lakes under an indicator.

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Tim's Candy Crane Cranefly Larva

Tim’s Candy Crane

Big juicy cranefly larva are located in weedy spring creeks, tailwaters, and even some nutrient-rich freestone streams. Even though you may not see them very often, they are there, and the big trout know it. This juicy morsel was devised by expert big-fish wrangler and jocular guide, Tim Johnson (Tiny Tim), to imitate the large craneflies found in many of the tailwater streams around Falcon’s Ledge. It’s ultra-realistic look has fooled innumerable big browns and rainbows. We generally fish it under an indicator and hang on.

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GG Calibaetis Nymph

GG Calibaetis Nymph

Yet another incredible fly by Grant Bench, the GG Calibaetis Nymph is simply a killer lake fly. The Callibaetis is the most common mayfly in stillwaters. They are strong swimmers and tasty targets for big beefy lake fish. We fish this fly on a slow strip or sometimes as a trailer behind a leech or bugger during the early summer when callibaetis are most abundant.

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The Thrift Shop Caddis NymphThrift Shop Caddis

New for 2014 is another entry in the Grant Bench guide flies selection, the Thrift Shop Caddis. And this shaggy bug is better than that #vintage 1964 hipster sweater you bought at the Thrift Store and hashtagged all over Instagram. Why? Well, it’s not 50 years old, skin tight, and itchy. Instead, it looks just like a caddis pupa and catches big fish. We fish it as a dropper, in Euro-nymphing rigs, and in tandem nymph rigs under an indicator.

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