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image-5 Often times we get too comfortable fishing the same old spots because we know exactly where to go and what flies work. Earlier this summer fellow guide, Derek Olthuis, and myself had a few days off and decided to go and fish a river that we guide on regularly. Part of this river is on the Indian reservation which requires a permit. We stopped by the local store and purchased our permits. As we paid for the permits we were asked where were going to go fish. We told the cashier and she said “You need to go fish White Top reservoir” I hadn’t ever heard of this place so I didn’t give it a second thought. We finished purchasing our permits and headed out. We decided to stop at the last convenient store for some snacks before heading up the canyon. We walked in and the lady working the counter asked “Fishing huh?. Are you headed to White Top?”. Derek and I looked at each other and decided we better go check it out since this was the second time an 15 minutes we heard of this reservoir. We headed up the nastiest dirt road only accessible by 4 wheel drive. The cel service is not good out there so we had limited access to google maps. We continued on this road for several miles not knowing where we were going. I finally got a single bar of service and quickly looked at google maps. I knew we were close and just as I could see the Reservoir on my phone I lost service. We came to a tiny road that jetted off of the nasty road. It was all sage brush around us and didn’t look good. We were convinced we were lost. image_2 We decided to take the little road to see where it would take us. We guessed right. Only a few miles on this road we were pleasantly surprised  that it led us right to White Top Reservoir. It was a little windy and there was a little chop on the water. It looked really nice. All of sudden we started to see fish rise. We immediately parked and rigged our rods. As we approached the banks we noticed that the fish weren’t sipping little flies. They were aggressively crushing something bigger. We could hear cicadas in the trees behind us and we quickly put the two and two together. They were crushing cicadas! image-4First cast with a Holo Humpy I got a strike as soon as the fly hit the water. Second cast, same result. It didn’t take Derek too long to get his first fish. This went on for around an hour then the wind began blowing the bugs down the shoreline. We followed them down as far as we could. It was one of those days where it was literally every cast we were catching fish or at least getting vicious strikes. We caught several rainbows and brook trout. The best part of this whole day on the water was that we were the only ones there. Not another soul in sight. As we drove away we reflected on the amazing day we had. It made us realize that there are probably a lot more places like this that we just don’t know about. It makes me want to pull a map out and really explore the areas that we tend to overlook. Who knows, we just might find the next best fishing spot. image_1]]>