New York Visits Falcon's Ledge

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This past summer we had the opportunity to host a group of guys from New York. Adam Cook, manager of the Orvis company store in Buffalo, visited us last summer with 11 other fishing managers and spent two days fishing their guts out. The goal was to show the fishing managers what fishing opportunities  Falcon’s Ledge had to offer. They were able to fish a couple of different rivers for different species of fish.


Adam went back to his store, put together a group of his top customers and made the trek out to Utah. This was one of the funnest groups that we’ve had out to the lodge. All were having such a good time and happy to be in an area where all they thought about was fishing. Having been to the lodge the summer before, Adam was able to outfit the group with all the necessary equipment for the area.


The first day most of the group headed to the small streams in the high Uinta mountains. These streams are full of brookies, rainbows, browns and cutthroats and the chance for a grand slam is pretty good. The Uinta river was a big hit. It’s easy to wade, has great holding water for fish and the scenery is amazing. We didn’t have to move too far from the car to start getting into fish.

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Richard Bailey spent his last day on the Strawberry river and took the challenge to fish a brushy, technical part of the river. He was able to get some great casts up against the banks with dries. This fish was fooled using a Royal PMX tucked up against the bank right after a rainstorm.

We had such a great time with this group from Buffalo, New York and apparently they did too. Most of them will be returning next summer to do it all over again.

Written by Spencer Higa

Photos by Spencer Higa


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