Olympic Marathon Runner Visits Falcon's Ledge

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RyanHallUSA This year he contacted Falcon’s Ledge about bringing his father, Micky, on a fly fishing trip to Utah.  He indicated that his father was retiring from more than 30 years of teaching high school in California and he would like to bring him on a fishing trip for a retirement trip.  We told him it would be a pleasure to have them come celebrate Micky’s retirement at Falcon’s Ledge. RyanandMicky I picked up Ryan and Micky in Heber City where they were kind enough to put on a training session and luncheon for local high school runners, and I shuttled them out to Falcon’s Ledge for a week of fishing.  On the drive out I could already tell Micky was a fishing fanatic and was anxious to get some fishing in. The first day at the lodge I pulled up to the lodge at 8 am and Micky had already been out on the lakes for a couple of hours and had caught a handful of big rainbows.  Ryan had already been out for a training run, and the strong work-ethic and love of life was evident in this father-son duo.  We had a delicious, hardy breakfast and drove up Rock Creek Canyon just north of the lodge.  We fished this beautiful canyon for the day and Micky and Ryan caught a handful of wild browns, rainbows, and brooks on dry flies.  Ryan headed to the truck in the afternoon to get in an afternoon training run and Micky kept catching brook trout in the upper stretches of Rock Creek.  On our way back to the lodge that evening Micky asked me to drop him at one of the lakes near the lodge, so he could catch a few more fish before dinner. Ryan On Wednesday I was again amazed at their dedication when I got to the lodge and Ryan had just finished a hard morning workout and Micky had been out for hours catching fish after fish on Falcon’s Ledge’s private trout lakes.  We decided to fish a river near the lodge for some big brown trout.  The fishing was tough, but we got into a few big brown trout and enjoyed a beautiful day on the river with good company.  At the end of the day Ryan asked me if I wanted to go on a run with him.  I accepted, excited to enjoy a run with one of the great runners of our time.  We enjoyed a nice 30 minute run, chatting about running theory, college, and races we have ran. Micky The next day we headed out to Uintah Canyon to fish the beautiful Uintah River for the day.  Ryan and Micky again caught some nice rainbows, brooks, browns, and Ryan caught his first native cutthroat.  However, the greatest part of that day was listening to Micky recount stories of his 37 year career of teaching, mentoring, and helping high school students.  He kept us captivated with stories of students he had enjoyed teaching and mentoring throughout the years, the struggles they had encountered, and the accomplishments they had.  Ryan and I again went for a nice 30 minute run at the end of the day. Brook On Friday they traveled back to Heber City to fish the well-known Provo River.  They caught some nice brown trout on the Provo and had a nice day in Heber before heading back home on Saturday morning.  It was a wonderful pleasure to have these great men, fishermen, athletes, teachers, and philanthropists at Falcon’s Ledge.  It was an experience I will treasure for a very long time.  I am glad to call Micky and Ryan Hall my friends and look forward to seeing them again sometime in the near future. Micky, Ryan, Dave]]>

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