No Pain No Gain

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Fly Fishing Cures All Pain, Especially Canklesimage-7 copy I had injured my ankle in a soccer game and was in a quite a bit of pain when I got a text from fellow guide, Tim Jenkins. He said he was thinking about going fishing and invited me to come along. I had been on my couch icing my ankle being tortured by all the fishporn on Facebook. I told Tim that I was injured and couldn’t wade any river for a while. He suggested we fish a lake and even offered to bring a chair for me. How could I turn down that offer? We had decided to meet up early in the morning to make the two hour trek. With our busy schedules we don’t get to fish much together so this was fun to be able to get away for a day and forget about work and other stresses of life. It was also a good time for us to talk about the upcoming guide season and our Tacky fly boxes. We have been working tirelessly on getting these boxes to market since October. Ultimately, we just made this fishing trip a “business” trip.

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We finally made it to our destination and with only one boat on the water we were excited that we could fish where we wanted to. We decided to fish an area which was flat so that I could set my chair up with out putting too much pressure on my injured ankle. With fish rising around the lake we hurried to get our flies tied on. Tim tied his flies on faster than any ninja I’ve ever met. We began fishing with little success. Fish were still rising but for some reason they didn’t like what we had to offer. We continually switched up flies and varied the depth. Finally, we found the right depth and correct files. We expected to catch some tiger trout but we ended up catching cutthroat after cutthroat. These fish are beautiful and weren’t very big but put up a good fight in the cold water.

image-3 copy 8 After a couple of hours my ankle began to hurt and the pain killers weren’t working. The next fish I caught I decided to step into the water and see if that would help with the pain and swelling. I stepped into the water and immediately took a deep breath. It was cold!!!!! It actually felt really good though. After about two minutes I was ready to get out. We caught and missed several more fish and decided that we had already had a great day on the water and decided to go check out another lake on our way home. It didn’t take Tim long to hook into a fish shortly after arriving at the next lake. Fish were cruising the shoreline but decided after a while they weren’t interested in anything else we had.

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With my foot elevated on Tim’s dash we decided we had already had a great day and headed home. It was good to get out and at least fish for a few hours. I didn’t think I would be able to fish again for a while but Tim made it possible. Thanks Tim!!!!


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