Quick Tip: Match the Hatch

By May 21, 2018No Comments

The first rock we turned over we noticed a lot of small mayfly nymphs. We also noticed a few cased caddis stuck to the rock. This gave us a good idea of what was being washed down river for the fish. We turned over a second rock. We found what we had expected to see this time of year. Green drake nymphs. This was a good sign that this river was about to turn on. Also, you can for the most part get an idea when the bugs are going to hatch. If they are a darker color with a swollen thorax it means that the bug is about to break through the case and hatch. The bug we saw wasn’t super dark so we figured it’ll be a little while longer before we see adults flying around. This gave us a good idea on what nymphs to use. The third rock we turned over had a stonefly nymph. This was a larger bug and got us excited to throw bigger imitations to the fish. We now had a few options on what to use. It’s always a good idea to throw different bugs if you’re with friends. This way you can figure out what the fish are keying in on a lot faster. We hope this helped you maximize your time on the water. Good luck out there!!!]]>