Reel Recovery Retreat 2014

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20140603-IMG_2881 We recently hosted another Reel Recovery retreat here at Falcon’s Ledge. We look forward to this retreat every year because we get to meet some amazing men who are battling cancer. The retreat gives these courageous men an opportunity to talk with others who can relate to what they are going through. They have courageous conversations which allows them to open up and speak freely about their individual experiences and feelings at the time they found out they had cancer. 20140603-IMG_3169 While dealing with everyday issues and frequent visits to the doctors office, this retreat gives them a chance, for a moment, to forget about any of that. They are out in nature doing something they love. The fly fishing is a great escape for many of them. The moment they catch a fish many of them said they totally forgot about their cancer. Fishing buddies are volunteers that come out to help as guides for the participants. They do a great job helping these guys get into fish. 20140603-IMG_3057 At the close of the two day retreat they gather for the closing ceremony. They stand in a circle and talk about what they have learned throughout the retreat. Every single person said they have come away from this experience with new friends and a new outlook on life. 20140604-IMG_3488 At the end the of the ceremony they put their hands in a circle and on the count of three they throw their hands in the air and shout the reel recovery motto “Be Well! Fish On!” The buddies then give the participants a fly box full of flies that were used on the retreat to remind them of the experience. 20140604-IMG_3516 If you would like to get involved and volunteer for a retreat near you please check out the reel recovery website.]]>

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