Southern Hospitality

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image   Maybe it’s just me, but most of the people I’ve met who fish, especially fly fish, are the salt of the earth. These are the people who genuinely care about nature, wildlife, the environment, and each other. Fishing to them is more than a hobby, it’s an activity that strengthens mind, body, and spirit. It creates and solidifies relationships, especially families. And if you meet people like this from the South, especially Georgia, you are in for a real treat. image Such was the case for me last week with a family from Georgia. Mom and Dad were treating their college-graduating son with a trip out west. And of course the fiancĂ© and younger sister came too. Fly fishing was on the agenda, and there’s no better place to learn than Falcon’s Ledge fly fishing lodge in Eastern Utah. Fellow guides Bryan Eldredge and Spencer Higa helped guide this group and day one was spent on the still waters of Falcon’s Ledge. All caught fish and some even showed their affection with a trout kiss. image   At breakfast on day two, Mom was making sure everyone had enough food, seasonings, drinks etc., even for us guides. And she is a guest at the lodge! Amazing hospitality. Soon we were headed for the free stone rivers of the Uintah mountains. The family had not seen scenery like this and they were thrilled from the moment we arrived. We reviewed how to read the water, cast, mend the line, and play a fish in a river. Soon browns, rainbows, and brook trout were on the line and in the net. They were catching on and were so appreciative! We all met up for a great lunch along the river and the afternoon presented more of the same. image Because the rivers were more challenging and rewarding, they wanted to return to the canyons for day three. We fished different waters and had a picnic in a high mountain meadow. More fish were caught that day and camera memory cards were filling up fast. We finally tore ourselves away from the river with just enough time to make it back for dinner. They expressed their gratitude for their experience constantly throughout the three days and they are making plans for a return visit. This family reminded me of how important it is to show gratitude, take care of each other, and have a close family….and when you are fly fishing with good friends…you are family! image image written by Jeff Lindstrom photos by Bryan Eldredge, Jeff Lindstrom]]>

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