Spring Fishing

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?????????? The water in march is still very cold in both lakes and rivers.  Fish are cold-blooded animals, so cold water slows down their metabolism.  In the early spring fish are still going to be fairly docile and not actively chasing food.  If you are fishing a lake fish slow.  Streamers should be crept very slowly along the bottom and midges should be hung below a strike indicator.  Be patient and let fish cruise into your fly and eat it.  Takes are often slow and gentle this time of year when fish are more docile. Six Lakes 3.9.12 002 Invertebrates that are active in early spring water temperatures are very small.  Midges and blue-winged olives naturals are small in March, so you should select small flies to use.  Sizes range from 18 to 22 are generally the best fly sizes to match the bugs that are hatching this time of year. Zebra Midge Whether you prefer fishing rivers or lakes, spring is a great time to fish.  This March grab a friend and get out there on your favorite river or lake and catch a few fish.]]>