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The spring weather has arrived at Falcon’s Ledge and the last five days have been beautiful, sunny weather and the ice has melted along the edge of the lakes. The ice will continue to melt over the next seven days and by next week the ice will be gone and the spring fly fishing will begin, and fishermen will enjoy casting to hungry trout as they cruise the lakes looking for emerging insects on spring afternoons. In this blog we will discuss some of our favorite spring fishing tips and fly patterns.

In April the cool weather and chilly water after the ice comes off the lakes the trout are slowly cruising the lakes looking for something to eat. Trout cruise slowly this month looking for an easy meal. Dropping midges and balanced leeches off of a strike indicator or big dry fly is the most effective technique during the month of April. Small midges such as zebra midges, blood midges, mojo midges, and crystal midges in sizes 18 to 24 are effective in the early spring. Balanced leeches in black or purple are also effective and can be dropped off of a strike indicator several feet depending on the depth of the section of lake you are fishing.

May brings warmer weather and the water temperature in the lakes rises bringing even bigger midge hatches and trout are even more actively chasing down leeches and minnows. Fishing is great during the month of May and pulling woolly buggers, leeches, game changers, and other streamers on a sinking line can produce trophy trout in late April and May. It is a great technique to catch large trout and we see some of the biggest trout of the year caught during the spring months. This is also a great time of year to fish larger midges and chironomid patterns under a strike indicator or large dry fly. Our favorite patterns to fish this time of year are sno-cone chironomids, large blood midges, and disco midges.

We are looking forward to spring fishing kicking off next week and getting out in the beautiful spring weather to catch some hungry trout. We hope to see you at Falcon’s Ledge this spring for some spring fishing for trophy trout!

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