Tenkara USA in the Uintas

By November 10, 2014 No Comments

image-4I had the opportunity to take a good friend, Jen Kugler Hansen and her parents fishing this summer. We had been planning this trip for a couple of years and it finally came together. While we were planning the trip Jen mentioned on several occasions that she wanted to catch a grand slam (rainbow, brown, brook and cutthroat). What she didn’t tell me was that she wanted to do using her Tenkara USA rod. The first morning we decided to go catch the Colorado Cutthroat on a tiny little stream 40 miles north of Falcon’s Ledge. We got rigged up with dry flies since these fish were looking up and active. Jen pulled out her Tenkara USA rod and I was a little skeptical on how well it would do on this technical stream. This stream has lots of obstacles with log jams, overhanging trees, some wide open areas and really tight casting lanes. Jen’s first cast was met rewarded with a nice native cutthroat. I watched and was amazed [caption id="attachment_3789" align="alignright" width="300"]High Uintas High Uintas[/caption] on how easy Jen made each cast look and put the fly where it needed to be with no problem. Well, the cutthroat was checked off now onto the brook trout. We drove down the road where I new we had our best shot at the brook trout. Not two minutes into fishing and Jen had her brook trout to the net. Brook trout. Check Next up was the brown trout. I decided to take Jen and her parents down to a section that had some deeper pools and runs where the brown like to hang out. After a nice little hike downstream, we made it to a nice deep run. Jen worked it hard and a few minutes in she had her brown to the net. She continued to catch brown after brown as we worked our way back to the car. She had a dozen fish by lunch time. By this point I was really impressed with this Tenkara USA rod. She was casting into every inch of water you could get to with any conventional fly rod. Finally, all we needed now was a rainbow. I decided to stop at a place where I knew she had a chance at a big fish. I wanted to see what this Tenkara USA rod could do. Not long into fishing and I heard Jen let a big scream for me to get the net. She had a big rainbow on and with no reel all she could do is keep tension and carefully play the fish. I got closer to the fish and realized it was a 20 inch rainbow. Once in the net, Jen sat down with relief that she rounded out her grand slam with this beautiful fish. Also, this was the first time a Falcon’s Ledge guest had caught grand slam using a Tenkara USA rod Jen’s parents also had a great time and not to be outdone by Jen, both were able to catch a grand slam too. It was a wonderful trip and I hope to see them out here again next summer.]]>