The Green River

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image1 The Green river is one of the most beautiful and well-known rivers in the united states. Anglers from all over the country flock to the Green because of the great hatches and beautiful location. Falcon’s Ledge is located just under two hours away. Most of our clients venture out after spending a few days with us to break up the trip. For most it’s their first time fishing this magnificent tailwater. image1 copy 3 A couple of us from the lodge had the opportunity to head over and fish the Green with SteveO from Trout Creek Flies. He invited us out to fish with him and took him up on his offer. We met him at Trout Creek in the am and decided we were going to do an A-B float. The A section was beautiful and we saw lots of fish. In order to get down to the ramp on time we had to float past the first few miles of the A then start to fish. image2The first fish came right off the bat. I as throwing foam ants to the banks and got a nice rainbow to the net. The fish on the Green fight pretty hard and are very healthy. We had caddis hatching throughout the day but were still focused on catching them with foam patterns. image3 The nice thing about the Green is that you can fish it all year round. The winter months provide some great midge and bow hatches during the warmest part of the day. June will bring the famous cicada’s out and the fish will gorge themselves on them. Sprng can bring the olives out and it can get pretty crazy. During the summer you can expect to see yellow sallies, caddis and terrestrials. If you haven’t fished the Green then you should put it on your list of places to fish. You won’t be disappointed.  ]]>